New Mexico Community Resources

Welcome to Albuquerque Pride’s New Mexico Community Resources Page. Many of our partners and other local organizations provide comprehensive resource directories. We have compiled some of those resources here. Also included is a list of current support groups and LGBT-related organizations who may be able to help you in your journey. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any additional resources you may need.

Crisis Support


New Mexico Community Resource Directories


Community Support Groups and Local LGBT Organizations

LGBTQ+ Veteran Care
VA New Mexico health care employees receive training in clinical care that is responsive to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ Veterans. Our trained LGBTQ+ Veteran care coordinators are fully equipped to support the health, welfare, and dignity of you and your family. Learn more at their website: LGBTQ+ Veteran Care | VA New Mexico Health Care | Veterans Affairs

American Veterans for Equal Rights

AVER is an organization of members who are active duty personnel, reservists, and veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America in pursuit of common goals to better the lives of Americans who serve their country. Learn more at their website: AVER

Equality New Mexico

Equality New Mexico (EQNM), envisions a world in which oppression is obsolete and all dimensions of human identity are honored. EQNM is a reputable organization focusing on advocacy and education. Visit their website at: EQNM

N’MPower Albuquerque

N’MPower was established in 1997 to serve primarily gay men and transgender-identifying individuals. N’MPower offers various groups, workshops and other community events most nights. To find out what is happening next, stay in touch by “liking” their Facebook Page at: N’MPower Facebook.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays – Albuquerque

PFLAG offers a monthly meeting which provides a safe and open environment for parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays. For more information, please visit PFLAG

Transgender/Gender Variant Groups

The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico offers many groups to help answer questions, create friendships and provide support and resources for one another. You can check out their latest group offerings and schedule by visiting the TGRCNM Groups Page.

Student and Youth Information

Common Bond – U21

Every Friday night, Albuquerque LGBT youth under the age of 21, come together to discuss issues and play games in an environment free of bullying or judgement, an environment where every student can express their true self without fear of being teased, mistreated, or physically harmed. Get the latest at their website: Common Bond – U21


TEEN’MPower is an organization geared towards supporting  LGBTQIA teens aged between 13-18. Various groups, evnets and educational workshops are held in a non-traditional fashion. Check out what’s going on with TEEN’MPower by “liking” their Facebook Page at: TEEN’MPower Facebook.

University of New Mexico – LGBTIQ Resource Center

Through safety, education, advocacy, and support, the LGBTQ Resource Center serves as a physical environment from which LGBTQ* visibility on the UNM campus can grow. A number of resources are offered within the LGBTQ Resource Center’s physical space, as well as services that reach out further into the UNM community. Check out what they have to offer at: UNM LGBTIQ

College Guide for LGBTQ Students

Whether you need help navigating the college application process from start to finish or are looking for the answer to a specific question, this resource will provide valuable information that prospective students who identify as LGBTQ need to know about researching, applying to, and attending college. WEBSITE: Guide

Online Counseling Programs with edX for LGBTQ+ Youth
44 Self-Esteem Resources for Nonbinary Adolescents and Teens dives into understanding gender identity and self-image and provides various digital resources for self-esteem like articles, podcasts, activities, and books. It also includes an additional resource section for parents and clinicians of non-binary adolescents. You can check out the full resource here: 44 Self-Esteem Resources for Nonbinary Adolescents and Teens

Healthcare Services

UNM Truman Health Services
Truman Health Services offers comfortable, confidential, and affordable care for patients requiring testing, treatment, or primary care. Some services offered include primary and specialty care for people with HIV; medication adherence, education, and counseling; and behavioral therapy and counseling. Truman Health Services also provides comprehensive social and medical services to people who are transgendered and/or gender non-conforming regardless of HIV status. Learn more about the services they offer on their website: UNM Truman Health Services

Drug Rehab USA
Drug Rehab USA understands the struggles faced by individuals dealing with substance use issues, as well as their loved ones and colleagues. They recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or other substances, and they strive to provide clear and concise information to help individuals at any stage of recovery. Learn more about the services they offer on their website: Drug Rehab USA